Under the name of SEKWASA I created a series of random posters that involve slapstick, smoking and surrealism.


In collaboration with "De Morgen", Yugen Kombucha did an expo with selected graduates.
I made some moving illustrations using analogue techniques.
(also lost my good camera...)


Got to draw and design the promo-spread for kultuurkaffee, published in the VUB yearjournal.


Some handemade stickers.

analogue GIF

Made some silly & tangible animations.

it's me

I created a series of viewmaster disks (stereovision/3D), which covered the likes and dislikes in my life. The book serves as a catalogue.

de drukker

De drukker is a zine (10 copies) made entirely with experimental handprinted techniques.
Printing with styrofoam, sandpaper, duct-tape and letterpress shapes on heavy Steinbach paper.