Simon and the Stoners

Simon and the Stoners is a project where I record/produce my own tracks. I've been doing this for a long time but recently I started releasing my music as Simon and the Stoners.
In 2018 I formed a band to play the songs live.

The week is an album made in one week.

In the meantime I made some tracks, but not in the form of an album.


Calzone is a project where I make electronic music with a heavy usage of sampling.

Collector mixtape is entirely made from sampled material.

Weekdays is an album telling the story of a night out on a weekday. (every song is made in 120bpm)

Billy Cheats are different tracks I made, stitched together to make one relaxing and inspiring journey.
This is Vol 1, there will be more.


A while ago Nicolas Anné and me formed this super-group as an excuse to make commercial dance music while ridiculing it at the same time.

The King EP is an ode to the 80's spectacles in music making.

Radio Dief

In my internship with Oliver Ibsen I had the chance to be on Radio Centraal, so I made Radio Dief: a radioshow made out of sampled songs.

The show featured Calzone songs and some new tracks


Now and then I make some silly remixes with/for some friends of mine.

Gloeroe Gloeroe is made by sampling the kidsshow 'Samson en Gert'.(Robbe Van Assche)

Sorry Sammy is a drum'n'bass track remixing an episode of 'Het Eiland'.