Integrated 2017

I was asked to create the visual announcements as a part of the integrated conference 2017.
YONN: Young Ones National Neographic is the part of the conference where recent graduates give a small lecture about their recent projects/work.
I combined lots of diverse found footage to create a new whole/story. (something like video-sampling)

This is me by the way and below you'll find the intro and the anouncement bumpers I made.


Koppijn is a project by Emiel Raeymaekers and me where we make some videoclips. (always in one day)

Bankroet (school)

For my master in graphic design I created: BANKROET.
The goal was to make a platform where artists (friends of mine) with their individual styles would be displayed in a way that showed the creativity that they have in their work.
For me it was an introduction in video and online presence.

This playlist has the four finished "documentaries" where I followed/interviewd: Felix, Fe, Mark and Betul for one day. I made the music, edited sound and video.

I also made some promotional videos to make some hype on the internets.

Demo reel 2016

Made this demo for Woestijnvis to show all my past experiments in animation. They didn't respond...